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We are the leading metal recycling enterprise in the state of Qatar, we recycle all kind of scrap to premium high quality secoundary metals, including steel, copper, aluminium, zinc and many others

Our Metal and Scrap processing facility has latest German technologies for Shredding, Segregation, Sorting, and refiningn the metals, to produce premium quality industrial materials.


The Group

The Group has metal production capacity of over 5,000 Metric Ton/month of processed metal from different factories and logistic capacity of over 7,000 Ton/month from other direct metal scrap fromA the local market. S’hail is working to expand the trade operations and to export its premium materials to European and International markets and to obtain new material sources from new promising regions

Green  Operations

The State of Qatar is one of the most advance countries in the region in the field of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Environmental development, S’hail Metals strategies are carefully aligned with Qatar vision 2030 that places environmental preservation for Qatar’s future generations at the forefront. All the
factories and activities are operating with the latest environmental friendly technologies and standards

Premium Quality

All our products are produced and checked to comply with the highest purity of the respective ISRI codes, we are also able to deliver custom qualities to partners who requires it, don’t hesitate to talk to our business team, we listen, we understand, we find you a solution. We continue to invest in the latest and finest available automatic cleaning, shredding, cutting separation and sorting, and we have strong partnerships with leading companies in the world to keep us moving forward at all times.

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